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INTRODUCING: IQMIX Hydration Stick Packs

IQBAR launches first-of-its-kind hydration mix with mood and clarity benefits


Today, IQBAR is excited to announce the launch of IQMIX hydration mixes, a first-of-its-kind hydration stick pack that combines 3X the electrolytes found in the average sports drink with mood and clarity boosting compounds.

Now more than ever, consumers appreciate the impact hydration has on their broader health. While most leading hydration offerings center on electrolytes (e.g., sodium, potassium) as their key functional ingredient, the IQMIX product is the only hydration solution that layers on brain-functional compounds as well. Each stick pack contains 250mg of 8X-concentrated Lion’s Mane adaptogen and 750mg of Magtein® magnesium l-threonate, a clinically studied form of magnesium shown to cross the blood-brain barrier and to enhance mood, capacity for learning, memory, and focus.

In addition to this unique blend of hydration and brain function, IQMIX hydration mixes contain zero grams of sugar and just one gram of total carbs, whereas other leading brands are high in sugar. For instance, Liquid I.V., a leader in the category, averages 11g/serving.