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Frequently Asked Questions

What are IQBARs?

IQBARs are protein bars meticulously formulated with nutrient-dense, clean-label ingredients that fuel the brain and body. Each IQBAR contains 6 brain nutrients, 12g plant protein, 1-2g sugar, and 3g net carbs.

Why is the product called “IQBAR”?

The product is called “IQBAR” because it centers on nutrients shown across numerous scientific studies to benefit the brain. However, our bars also promote body health and contain 12g plant protein!

What makes IQBAR different than other functional bars?

The vast majority of functional bars fit into one of three categories. They provide “energy” (in the form of crash-inducing sugar and carbs), they’re high in protein (usually in the form of animal protein), or they comply with a particular diet (such as veganism).

IQBARs improve on all three of these value propositions, combine them in one offering, and layer on an addition benefit of brain nutrition. Our bars promote crash-free energy, with next-to-no sugar or carbs. They are high in plant-based, complete protein that is digestion-friendly. They comply with virtually every diet under the sun. And, they are packed with a brain nutrient mix no other bar has.

What are IQBAR brain nutrients and why were they chosen?

Each IQBAR contains six brain nutrients: lion’s mane, MCTs, omega-3s, flavonoids, vitamin-E, and choline. Each nutrient comes in the form of – or is derived from – a whole food ingredient, and was chosen because it has been shown to benefit brain function across numerous scientific studies.

To learn more about what makes these nutrients special, see our "6 Brain Nutrients In Each Bar" section above!

What quantities of each nutrient are in an IQBAR?

Aside from vitamin-E, we do not disclose exact quantities of the brain nutrients in our bars because the FDA has not issued recommended daily values for them and there is slight variability from bar-to-bar in quantities. Rest assured, though, quantities for each nutrient is in the hundreds of milligrams!

What effects do IQBARs have on the brain and body?

We make no explicit claims regarding IQBARs’ impact on the brain or body, given IQBARs are not a medicine or a nutraceutical. Rather, we formulate our bars to center on nutrients that a vast amount of scientific research has shown to benefit the brain and body and let our products do the talking!

To learn more about this research, see our "6 Brain Nutrients In Each Bar" section above!

Do IQBARs comply with ketogenic, vegan, and Paleo diets?

IQBARs are 100% compliant with ketogenic, vegan, and Paleo friendly diets. We use the terminology “Paleo friendly” rather than “Paleo” for two reasons…

Second, our bars contain a few ingredients, like sunflower lecithin, that were not consumed by our primal ancestors. Keep in mind, these ingredients are all nutrient-dense and derived from whole foods – cavemen simply lacked the technology to isolate and extract certain nutrients from, say, a sunflower seed.

Are IQBARs non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free?

Yes, they are free of all four!

Are IQBARs Kosher?

Yes, all IQBARs are Kosher! Our Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Chip, and Almond Butter Chip flavors are certified Kosher Dairy (the "Dairy" is due to a facility technicality; there is no dairy in these products) and our Lemon Blueberry, Wild Blueberry, Banana Nut, and Matcha Chai flavors are certified Kosher.

Are IQBARs organic?

IQBARs are 100% non-GMO and many of our ingredients are organic, but our bars are not 100% organic.

What are net carbs? How do you calculate net carbs?

Net carbs are carbohydrates that the body converts into blood glucose (blood sugar). They are widely considered to be the “bad” form of carbs, given they spike the body’s production of insulin, a hormone that can lead to negative health outcomes if consistently elevated.

Some carbohydrates – like fiber – are not considered net carbs because they have negligible effects on blood glucose and insulin production. We include fiber in each of our bars to promote a healthy gut (our fiber has prebiotic benefits). We arrive at our net carb counts by subtracting each bar’s grams of fiber from its total grams of carbs.

What is Tapioca Fiber and is it low glycemic?

Tapioca fiber is a prebiotic (i.e., gut-friendly) fiber known as a “resistant dextrin”. It is isolated by heating the tapioca root (also known as the cassava root) and extracting its fiber content. While the FDA has recently re-classified certain compounds formerly labeled “fiber” as non-fiber carbohydrates, it has remained firm in its classification of resistant dextrin as a 100% legitimate fiber.

Tapioca fiber is NOT to be confused with isomalto-oligosaccharide (usually referred to as IMO), which can also be derived from the tapioca root. IMO is not a resistant dextrin, but rather a fiber-like sweetener that the body almost completely breaks down into blood glucose. Here is a great study on the topic, where scientists compare Soluble Corn Fiber (which is virtually chemically identical to Tapioca Fiber) to IMO and find a vast difference in blood sugar and insulin response.

What are natural flavors? Why use them?

The natural flavors we use are extracts from 100% natural sources, such as plants, fruits, spices, and vegetables. We include them in our products to naturally enhance flavor and achieve the highest level of product consistency we can.

Why use pea protein rather than other forms?

We use pea protein, rather than other forms, for four reasons…

Pea protein is a complete protein, meaning it has all nine of the essential amino acids you need to effectively build muscle. Pea protein is more digestion-friendly than alternatives like whey because it contains no lactose or glutens. In other words, no bloating! Pea protein is highly bioavailable, meaning it absorbs well in the body. Pea protein is vegan, and far “greener” (i.e., more environmentally friendly) than animal proteins.

How do I return a product or get a refund?


While we do not issue refunds based on personal preference (we highly recommend you start with our 7 Bar Sampler if you're new to IQBAR), please reach out to our team at if your order is damaged or defective in some way - we'll make it right!


Because IQBARs are a food product, we cannot accept returns of opened boxes and/or boxes containing fewer than 12 bars. If you're truly unhappy with the quality of the product you receive, please reach out at and we'll work with you to find a solution!

Purchases From 3rd Party Retailers:

IQBAR cannot guarantee products sold by unauthorized third party retail vendors either online or in stores. Authorized retailers are responsible for providing their own return/refund policies for items they sell, including IQBARs.