“High-fat and low-carb option to keep in your handbag.”
“IQ BARs are on another level entirely.”
“A perfect keto-friendly choice for snackers on the go.”
“Moist, chewy consistency and a dense, varied texture.”
“Prepare to rev up, refuel and recover.”
“Unique in the bar market.”

Instructor - CorePower Yoga

IQ BAR fits what I look for in a good bar - clean, and familiar ingredients that support my body and mind. I've been hooked since Day 1!

Owner - The Fit Bodi Gym

Not only did my clients love the taste, they loved the brain and body benefits as well. We are proud to carry IQ BARs!

Recruiting Lead - TrueWork

Pretty much the perfect office snack. Super tasty, awesome nutrition, and most importantly they eliminate the afternoon crash!