Adaptogenic Coffee: Everything You Need To Know

Adaptogenic Coffee: Everything You Need To Know

If you think your average cup of Joe needs a glow-up, it’s time to wake up to the smell of adaptogenic coffee.

This multitasking brew not only fires up your mental engine, but supports your body’s stress response, helps you laser focus, delivers long-lasting, jitter-free energy, and boosts your well-being.

So what’s behind this potent elixir? And, more importantly, how does it taste?

We’re diving into the science behind adaptogenic coffee to learn why it’s such a treat for your neurons and taste buds. Then we’ll share the best ways to revamp your coffee routine to power your quest for mental prowess. 

So What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that help your brain “adapt to” and cope with stress. They’ve been a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Ayurvedic practices for centuries.

When life’s ups and downs leave you feeling like a yo-yo, adaptogens can help restore your body’s natural homeostasis. The more you consume them, the more resilient you’ll become to life’s curveballs. Stress will bounce off you like water off a duck’s back.

Adaptogenic Plants, Herbs, and Roots

Many science-backed brain health supplements are adaptogenic herbs, plants, and roots, such as:

  • Ashwagandha: a stress-reducing herb that can also sharpen your mind.[*][*]
  • Ginseng: a root with the potential to fight fatigue and depression while encouraging better moods and memory.[*][*][*
  • Rhodiola: an herb that helps alleviate stress and improve physical and mental performance.[*][*]
  • Turmeric: a root that may ease chronic and unpredictable stress.[*]

Adaptogenic/Functional Mushrooms

Functional mushrooms are a diverse group of fungi celebrated for their health-promoting properties. The world’s healthiest mushrooms include:

  • Chaga: an antioxidant-rich superpower for your immune system.[*]
  • Cordyceps. Known to enhance oxygen utilization and neuroprotection, this mushroom is like your brain’s personal trainer, helping it score mental and physical performance gains.[*][*]
  • Lion’s Mane, aka the “smart mushroom.” Scientists say this titan passes through the blood-brain barrier to improve memory and mental clarity, reduce anxiety, prevent dementia, and more.[*][*]
  • Reishi. Considered one of the most potent adaptogens, this “mushroom of immortality” promotes physical well-being and emotional wellness on the path to longevity.[*]
  • How Do Adaptogens Work?

    Science says these botanical brain boosters don’t just flip a switch; they gently nudge and guide your brain’s processes toward a more optimized state.

    They Fight Inflammation & Oxidative Stress

    Many adaptogens are high in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, just like the healthiest superfoods for your nervous system.[*] These compounds neutralize the harmful free radicals that cause oxidative stress. 

    Oxidative stress is like the rust that builds up and damages the machinery of your brain. Adaptogens sweep in like a team of cleaners to wipe away brain fog, shield it from cognitive decline, and help maintain its health and vitality.

    Adaptogens Modulate Your Stress Hormones

    Adaptogens interact with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, a trio of glands that regulate stress hormones. When stress knocks on your brain’s door, adaptogens act like bouncers, ensuring that noise doesn’t turn your mind into a rowdy house party.

    Research shows adaptogens significantly reduce cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone.[*] Keeping cortisol in check leads to more balanced moods and mental states.

    They Can Even Stimulate Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity

    Many adaptogens are also nootropics — natural cognitive enhancers that upgrade our memory, focus, learning, creativity, and mental performance.[*][*] By increasing blood flow to the brain, these help deliver more oxygen and nutrients it needs to thrive.

    Take Lion’s Mane, for example. Studies show it can boost neurogenesis and support the growth and maintenance of new brain cells.[*][*

    Adaptogens have also been linked to neuroplasticity, your brain's ability to continuously adapt, reorganize, and form new connections.[*] Adaptogens (and nootropics) may act like the architects of this restructuring process to amp up our mental capacity and improve brain health.

    So What is Adaptogenic Coffee?

    Adaptogenic coffee combines the healthy, energizing properties of ground coffee beans with the brain-health-boosting benefits of adaptogens. It’s like a jam session between your coffee mug and meditation cushion.

    What Does Adaptogen Coffee Taste Like?

    Just like coffee tastes different depending on where it’s grown and how it’s roasted, each adaptogen brings its unique flair to a basic cup of coffee. So adaptogenic coffee can be a delightful blend of smooth, earthy, spicy, nutty, and sometimes umami notes.

    For example, ashwagandha might add a hint of warm spice to an oat milk latte. And reishi mushroom coffee may give off a smoky or licorice aroma. But espresso and other strong coffee blends may completely mask the taste of adaptogens, so you wouldn’t even know they snuck in. 

    Lion’s Mane has a mild, delicate flavor profile, making it ideal for regular coffee and coffee alternatives like tea, maca, and cacao smoothies.

    How Do You Make Adaptogen Coffee?

    Once dehydrated, you can buy many adaptogens in powder form. Simply brew your French press or pour over, add a scoop to your black coffee, and blend (creamer optional).

    What if you’re on the go or need an easier, faster option when you’re running late? Pre-made instant adaptogenic coffee mixes like IQJOE are your ticket to the Brain Power Express. Just empty a packet into hot water, stir until dissolved, and feel good about savoring:

    The Top Benefits of Adaptogenic Coffee for Your Brain

    Adaptogens catapult your coffee experience to new heights. This brain-boosting brew helps you:

    Channel Your Inner Genius

    Does coffee make you smarter? 

    Caffeine brain effects include higher energy levels, alertness, mental agility, problem-solving capacity, and improved cognitive performance.[*][*] Adaptogens may also increase brain power, attention, accuracy, and memory.[*][*][*][*]

    Combine these perks, and each sip of adaptogenic coffee may propel you one step closer to becoming a cerebral champion.

    Give Stress the Cold Shoulder

    Stress is a state of mental strain and emotional tension. It causes you to struggle with mental tasks, leads to underperformance, and creates adverse health conditions.[*

    But adaptogens in coffee can help you stress less and think more. Lion’s Mane mushroom specifically reduces symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.[*][*] And caffeine encourages the release of mood-boosting, “feel-good” neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.[*][*]

    So regular consumption of adaptogenic coffee may allow you to hush those tension gremlins, feel an overall sense of calmness, and perform your best. 

    Ride the Jitter-Free Energy Wave All Day

    Not a coffee fan because you can’t stand the jitters? Give adaptogenic coffee a shot. The adaptogens take the edge off caffeine and have a calming effect on your nervous system. 

    Plus, researchers say many adaptogens deliver an energy boost to increase attention and mental work capacity even if you’re feeling stressed, tired, or mentally exhausted.[*] It’s like having a mini motivational speaker in your coffee mug cheering you through your toughest days.

    Combine the zoom of caffeine with adaptogens’ sustained mental perks, and you may notice fewer post-coffee crashes. You may even start consuming fewer cups of regular coffee throughout the day.

    Elevate Your Adaptogenic Coffee Experience with IQJOE

    Adaptogenic coffee is a game-changer for anyone hoping to score all the mental health benefits of adaptogens in their morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up. 

    Unlike other stimulants or mood boosters, adaptogens have been used for centuries with minimal (if any) reported side effects. 

    That’s why we’ve got your brain’s back.

    IQJOE is our delicious, uplifting version of instant adaptogen coffee. Each convenient, on-the-go packet starts with rich Brazilian coffee. Then we add:

    • Magtein®️ (Magnesium L-Threonate) to elevate your mood and mental performance.
    • 8X-Concentrated Lion's Mane Extract to lower your stress and enhance productivity.
    • Organic Caffeine from Green Coffee for long-lasting, crash-proof, jitter-free energy.

    Our non-GMO IQJOE packs fit every diet — from carnivore, keto, and gluten-free to vegan, dairy-free, and soy-free.

    Try our 16-stick IQJOE Variety Pack to taste all four flavors: Original Black, Vanilla Spice, Toasted Hazelnut, and Caffè Mocha.

    Brewing It All Together

    When it feels like your brain is juggling flaming torches, adaptogen coffee steps in as the cool-headed circus master. It can strengthen your stress resilience, fight off damaging brain inflammation, and promote extraordinary mental performance — all while providing a helpful buzz to conquer your to-do list.

    Your coffee glow-up awaits! Select your brew or try every IQBAR, IQMIX, and IQJOE flavor by adding the IQBAR Ultimate Sampler to your cart now!


    Written by Lauren Ciccarelli, a writer and research geek passionate about low-carb nutrition, mental health, and meditation. Her 2,500+ articles empower doers with science-backed tips for leveled-up living.