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Our Mission

We empower doers with superior nutrition.

Whether you’re working late, training for a marathon, or simply running errands, we’ve got you covered! Every IQBAR product is…

Brain + Body Boosting Brain + Body Boosting Nutrition that drives daily brain + body performance.
100% Plant-Based 100% Plant-based Recipes center on vegan, nutrient-dense ingredients.
Keto + Clean Label Keto + Clean Label Super low carb and zero gluten, dairy, soy, or GMOS.

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What People Are Saying

The thing I love most about them is that they’re good for you and they taste amazing because usually the two don’t go hand and hand.
And above all else the macros are very friendly for whatever journey you’re on.
It tastes amazing and it has only clean ingredients. Highly recommend!
They’re great for snacks at home too when you’re looking for something a little healthier, a little bit better for you.
Twelve grams of protein and a really clean bar which is important to me.
They’re great, easy on the go, will keep you on track & they’re delicious.

IQBAR In The Press

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"I am keeping a box at my desk and eating one every midmorning and afternoon."

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"It’s pretty clear this bar is something to pay attention to."

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"Filled with brain-boosting nutrients and prebiotic fiber that can help support the gut."

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"A perfect keto-friendly choice for snackers on the go."

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"They're vegan and keto-friendly, but best of all, they taste really good."

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"Stay sharp with a snack that boosts your mental energy."

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"These bars don't melt in Texas heat and they satisfy you without having too much protein."

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8 Stick Sampler
Seasonal Bar Flavor! 8 Stick Sampler Delicious + Low-Carb + Plant-Based
Add - $9.99
Keto Protein Bars - IQBAR 7 Bar Sampler
Seasonal Bar Flavor! 7 Bar Sampler Delicious + Low-Carb + Plant-Based
Add - $14.99
IQJOE Variety Pack (16 Sticks)
Seasonal Coffee Flavor! IQJOE Variety Pack (16 Sticks) Coffee w/ Adaptogens + Magnesium
Add - $19.99
Tropical Pack (20 Sticks)
Hydration Sampler! Tropical Pack (20 Sticks) Electrolytes + Magnesium + Adaptogens
Add - $24.99
Toasted Coconut Chip (12 Bars)
Protein Bar Sampler! Toasted Coconut Chip (12 Bars) Delicious + Low-Carb + Plant-Based
Add - $24.99
Chocolate Lovers Variety (12 Bars)
Coffee Sampler! Chocolate Lovers Variety (12 Bars) Coffee w/ Adaptogens + Magnesium
Add - $24.99
Keto Fruit - IQBAR Fruit Lovers Variety
Piña Colada + Passion Fruit Fruit Lovers Variety (12 Bars) Electrolytes + Magnesium + Adaptogens
Add - $24.99