Our Team

Will Nitze - Founder & CEO

Will founded IQ BAR in early 2017 after discovering the powerful impact diet had on his cognition. He currently focuses on operations, finance, and brick-and-mortar sales & marketing. His diverse and eclectic interests include psychology and neuroscience, food, business, soccer, skiing, and online chess. Will is a graduate of Harvard College, and lives in South Boston (AKA “Southie”), MA.

Andrew Smeallie - Head of E-Commerce

Andrew joined IQ BAR in late 2017 after learning about the company’s mission to fuel and fortify minds...and free snacks. He currently heads up all digital sales & marketing efforts. He has an agency/SaaS background and a love for soccer, Settlers of Catan, and the New England Patriots. Andrew is a graduate of Boston College, and lives in Brookline, MA.

Michelle Zaporojects - Marketing Manager

Michelle was brought onto the IQ BAR team in Summer 2018 with a goal of creating content and managing the company’s online presence. She has a strong obsession with all things social media, PR and analytics, as well as helping startups grow from the ground up. Michelle is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, and lives in Boston, MA.