IQBAR “Brain + Body” Nutrition Bars Expand to 1,000 Kroger Locations

IQBAR “Brain + Body” Nutrition Bars Expand to 1,000 Kroger Locations

IQBAR “Brain + Body” Nutrition Bars Expand to 1,000 Kroger Locations 

Just 15 months after entering the market, IQBARs are now available in 6,000 stores nation-wide 


Boston, MA — October 28, 2019 — IQBAR, known for launching America’s first "brain + body" nutrition bar in 2018 through a viral crowdfunding campaign, will hit shelves at 1,000 Kroger grocery stores across the United States this week. IQBAR’s Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Chip, and Almond Butter Chip flavors will now be offered at hundreds of Kroger-branded stores, in addition to the majority of Fred Meyer, Mariano’s, Roundy’s, and Smith’s sub-brand locations. A detailed store list can be accessed via IQBAR’s online store locator. 


“We’re thrilled to partner with Kroger – America’s leading grocery retailer – just over a year since fulfilling our first crowdfunding order,” says Will Nitze, Founder and CEO of IQBAR. “Not only does this expansion round out an incredible year of growth for IQBAR, but it also demonstrates Kroger’s commitment to offering customers better-for-you, functional foods.” 


With this expansion, consumers can now find IQBARs in more than 6,000 retailers across every major metropolitan area in the U.S. In addition to Kroger, the “brain + body” bars are offered in thousands of CVS pharmacies, several smaller grocery chains, and thousands of fitness and café locations. IQBAR also has a strong e-commerce presence, selling to thousands of customers directly on its website, and through each month.




About IQBAR 


IQBAR is a Boston-based brain and body nutrition company founded by Will Nitze in January 2018. Will started the business after resolving his chronic bouts of mental fatigue through a high-fat, low carb diet, and in response to his frustrating realization that no ready-to-eat “brain food” products existed on the market. IQBARs are the first bars on the market built for mental and physical performance, and are made with clean, natural ingredients. 


Each bar contains 5 brain nutrients, 12g plant protein, 2-3g net carbs, and 1-2g sugar, and is compliant with keto, vegan, and kosher diets. They’re one of very few ketogenic-compliant bars that incorporate real fruit and no sugar alcohols. In lieu of typical keto-friendly sweeteners like erythritol and sucralose, IQBAR opts for stevia – a naturally occurring extract that has a strong safety profile and no effect on blood glucose.