🖥️ "Triple Peaking" at work + 💳 Eating plastic + 🐵 Drunk monkeys

🖥️ "Triple Peaking" at work + 💳 Eating plastic + 🐵 Drunk monkeys

According to Microsoft, the 9-to-5 workday is dead - and they have the data to prove it! Coincidentally, that data can only be viewed in Excel. Hmm…
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April 7, 2022
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"Triple Peaking" at work? Join the club.

Image: microsoft

According to Microsoft, the 9-to-5 workday is dead - and they have the data to prove it! Coincidentally, that data can only be viewed in Excel. Hmm…

Any who, over the last two years Mary Czerwinsky, the company’s Research Manager of Human Understanding and Empathy, looked into the work habits of in-office and remote employees. Her goal was to analyze (empathetically, of course) how working from home affects productivity.

What she learned was fascinating. Office employees are most productive during two time windows: before and after lunch. Remote workers are also productive at those times, but have an additional peak around 9pm at night. In other words, the 9-to-5 has given way to the “Triple Peak Day.”

This third peak was especially prominent across 30% of Microsoft’s remote workforce, as measured by keyboard usage (invasive anyone?). “The timing and amplitude varied from person to person, [and] it was less intense than the two work peaks earlier in the day,” a company blog post reads. See the above image for a visual rendering of the data!

Additional context on the findings:

  • Triple Peaking isn’t necessarily bad. Many folks prefer to take an afternoon break and make up for it in the evening. Problems arise when a break never comes.
  • Working late isn't all that new. Autonomous workers (e.g. writers, programmers) have long set their own hours according to personal preference and workload.
  • What’s is new: merging office/home duties. “People are taking on additional day duties [like] helping with schooling or being a caretaker. That’s pushing people to work later,” notes Gloria Mark, UC Irvine professor.

Net-net, some are happy to exploit anytime/anywhere flexibility, while others are just plain working too much. Side note: how are Microsoft workers so productive after lunch?!


Gutsy personalities, Bruce Willis, monkey parties...

Image: rewireme

Apparently you are what you eat. A new study links distinct gut bacteria with specific longstanding moods. One class of bacteria was linked with being “peppy,” for instance.


Bruce Willis retired from an aphasia diagnosis. Aphasia typically entails a stroke rendering communication difficult. Emilia Clarke (G.O.T.) and Sharon Stone have also had aphasia.

Spatial Cognition

Those raised in rural areas have a better sense of direction. 400K people played a mobile navigation game; city folks did far worse (likely due to less street network complexity).


The average Joe consumes a credit card's worth of plastic each week, according to fresh research dropped last week. Plastic bottles are largely to blame - switch to tap!


Researchers found that spider monkeys seek fruit with alcohol – it's the first time we’ve seen primates consume booze without intervention, and may explain why we like booze.


De-clutter condiments and "donut" your dish

Image: reddit

We’re giving you guys a 2-for-1 special on hacks today. Both address pesky kitchen annoyances...

Let’s start with the fridge. You know how every time you open the fridge all hell breaks loose with small bottles and condiments on the inside door shelf? You know how you also occasionally drink things that come in 6-packs? Welp, combine A with B and your problem is solved!

On to the microwave. When you pile food on a plate and microwave it, the food is usually unevenly heated. The “outer layer” (first few bites) is too hot and the “inner layer” (5 bites in) is too cold. You can solve this problem, though, by making a donut shape out of your food. Heats evenly every time!

  1. The fact that we can get discombobulated suggests we're usually combobulated.
  2. George Harrison seeing the sun was a big enough deal for him to write a whole song about only because he lives in England.
  3. A bunch of moms definitely named their kids Stacy just so they could be Stacy's mom.
  4. The voice in your head never needs to take a breath.
  5. The roof of your mouth is really more of a ceiling.

Robert Frost: “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

Today I learned that English is not an official language of New Zealand, despite it being spoken by 90% of the population. The two official languages are Te reo Māori and NZ sign language. (more here)

fustian [ fuhs-chuhn ] - noun
pompous or pretentious speech or writing.
a smoke screen of fustian and fantasy.

Q: How many countries still have Shilling as currency? Bonus: Which countries?
A: (see below next section)


Low carb cauliflower poha

Image: indianveggiedelight

"Poha is a go-to breakfast in India. It's light, tasty, and requires just a few basic inputs. There are tons of ways to prepare it. Some like it the traditional way with flattened rice. Others replace the rice - this variation swaps in grated cauliflower floret. You can also replace potatoes typically found in poha with cauliflower stalk!"

Ingredients: Cauliflower Floret, Cauliflower Stalk, Roasted Peanuts, Onion Curry Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Mustard Seeds, Hing, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Ghee, Lemon Juice, Dry Red Chili Pepper, Green Chili Pepper

Recipe By: NDTV Food (full recipe here)

TRIVIA ANSWER: Four. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia.

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