📢 Loud Zoom guy + 🌊 Protein seaweed + ✈️ Airplane AC

📢 Loud Zoom guy + 🌊 Protein seaweed + ✈️ Airplane AC

Anyone who’s used Zoom (read: everyone) has experienced the token "loud person" on video calls. Some of you reading this are that person. Yeah, you. Now, scientists have discovered what causes you to raise your voice on these calls: low image quality.
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March 28, 2022
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Elon just bought Twitter, Netflix experienced its first net subscriber loss in 10 years, and a woman stranded in a California forest survived on nothing but yogurt and snow for 6 days.

It seems the cliché really is true: the only constant is change, and change is strange (we added the second part).

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The loud guy on Zoom has an excuse...

image: popculture

Anyone who’s used Zoom (read: everyone) has experienced the token "loud person" on video calls. Some of you reading this are that person. Yeah, you. Now, scientists have discovered what causes you to raise your voice on these calls: low image quality.

When we can't see well, we speak louder.

New research, conducted by the Radbound University Nijmegen in the Netherlands, has revealed deep insights on the connection between speech and gesture. In the study, participants spoke for 40 minutes in a video call while the image quality slowly decreased.

As expected, people's gestures became exaggerated, slower, and more frequent as the picture got blurrier. To researchers' surprise, though, people's speech also became 5 decibels louder. It appears speech and gestures are closely integrated in the human psyche, regardless of whether we are talking on the phone, over Zoom, or IRL.

So how should one better deal with shoddy reception? Pretty simple: less exaggeration, more clarity. Instead of speaking louder, articulate more. Instead of making bigger gestures, make more precise gestures.

Or you can mute yourself, curse your WiFi, and take a 3 hour mental health walk. That's also effective...


Protein seaweed, feel-good design, alien life...

image: theguardian

Seaweed is now cool. Swedish scientists think it could be a key crop in the “protein shift” away from meat and that seaweed-based plastics could displace fossil-based plastics.

Mental Health

Neuroscientists discovered interior design can hugely impact mental health. Quick tips: more quirky art and nature-inspired design, less smart home devices.


New research suggests a non-invasive ultrasound technology can partially kill tumors, assist the immune system, and permanently stop the spread of cancer cells.


Scientists have now come up with a mathematical formula for how we can take specific actions to achieve a "flow state" (a.k.a. get "in the zone").


Scientists have discovered evidence of underground water (a prereq for life) on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Turns out ET may live a bit closer to us than we thought...


Cough, cough...more AC please

image: theflight

Airlines are removing mask requirements and everyone has feelings about it. Whether you support the new policies or not, we can agree no one wants their vacation ruined by catching a cold from a "Coughing Colin." (Hoping your name isn't Colin...)

Murphy’s Law of Flying: if there’s a coughing passenger on the plane, he will be seated next to you. Fortunately, planes offer a built-in method for minimizing airborne germs - the overhead fan.

Donning a hoodie and blasting the AC for the entire flight creates your own personal air bubble. This "shield" blocks over 99% of particles in the air from entering your body. Just be sure to pack a travel size bottle of moisturizer, as AC can dry your skin out.

  1. The church is a book club where no one has read the book.
  2. If you drink from a glass, it’s half empty. If you fill a glass, it’s half-full.
  3. Marbles are not made out of marble.
  4. Your childhood ends the day you realise sleep is a reward, not a punishment.
  5. Scooby-Doo taught us that the real monsters are humans.

Charles Schaefer (Author): “We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play."

Today I learned that the moon is slowly moving away from Earth at a rate of about 1.5 inches per year. (more here)

perspicacity [ pur-spi-kas-i-tee ] - noun
keenness of mental perception and understanding
Her spirit is of superhuman perspicacity; her mind is full of knowledge.

Q: What is the fastest aquatic animal?
A: (see below next section)

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TRIVIA ANSWER: The Sailfish.

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