🍭 Sweetener scandal 🕒 Time travel achieved 🍍 Pineapple hack

🍭 Sweetener scandal 🕒 Time travel achieved 🍍 Pineapple hack

The best news, hacks, & facts from the past week!
March 3, 2023
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The rise of artificial intelligence continues to yield strange headlines that I can't help but investigate. Here's my favorite from this past week...


Joe Biden's snow white business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back hairdo would be the envy of any moderately reputable biker gang in the 1980s. Strong sideburns too.

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton's mullets are also formidable. George H.W. Bush and Dwight Eisenhower's are oddly disturbing.

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Popular sweetener linked to hearth attack, stroke

image: snackathon

If you consume low-sugar, low-cal products, you've definitely encountered the "Ferrari" of sweeteners - erythritol. 6% of the calories of sugar, but 70% of the sweetness.

It's pretty much everywhere (although you won't find it on our labels!).

According to the FDA, erythritol is "generally recognized as safe" (meaning no long-term safety studies on its effects are required for its use). Yet this past Wednesday, a study dropped that linked it to an increased risk of heart attack, blood clotting, and stroke.

Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic were searching for heart attack "warning signs." They examined 1,157 patients and found those with the highest levels of erythritol in their blood had twice the risk of experiencing a major cardiovascular event in the next three years.

However, the study carries some MAJOR caveats...

  • Only folks with especially high levels (i.e., those consuming lots of erythritol) had higher risk. Those with moderate and low levels saw no difference in risk.
  • Correlation is not causation. Some folks in the scientific community have criticized the results, pointing to facts like the highest-risk group also being the oldest.
  • Humans produce erythritol naturally in the body; it's unclear what proportions of erythritol blood levels were from consumption versus metabolic processes.

While more investigation is certainly warranted, this was a thought-provoking study that has sent shockwaves throughout the nutrition community all week.


Self-repossessing cars, hiccup cure, time travel...

image: thedrive
Auto Repo

Ford applied for a patent for a system that will remotely repossess your car. Late on your lease payment? Your F1-50 drives itself out your driveway and back to the dealership!

Train Carnage

As a result of the Feb 3rd train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, officials are reporting that a staggering 40,000 aquatic animals have died due to local waterway contamination.

Cheaper Insulin

A 2018 study found US insulin prices are 5-10 times higher than those in other countries. Pharma giant Eli Lilly's margin on insulin is 99%. Finally, they drastically reduced prices.

Hiccup Cure

Hiccup expert Ali Seifi patented a device called HiccAway he says knocks out the spasms we all know and hate. Mark Cuban gave Seifi $250K last year on Shark Tank for the idea.

Time Travel

Scientists claim they found a way - via quantum physics - to speed up or reverse time. According to them, it's "theoretically possible" to scale the technique up for human use.


If you ate too much, eat pineapple

image: gratisography

Eating as a remedy for overeating is a strange concept, but stick with me...

If you find yourself bloated on the couch after some regrettable over-consumption, chew on some pineapple slices.

Pineapples are 85% water and are rich in an enzyme called bromelain that helps to break down proteins and expedite digestion.

Side note: bromelain sounds like something you'd yell at a car trying to cut you off.

"Bro, my lane!"

  1. Cigarettes are a type of veggie wrap.
  2. Your teeth is the only body part you get a practice run with.
  3. Paying for a life coach who scams you would be the most ironic life lesson ever.
  4. The only difference between a collector and a hoarder is a theme.
  5. Light is both invisible and visible.

Robert H. Schuller: "Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines."


Today I learned that Napoleon Bonaparte refused to open his mail for three weeks. By that time, most of the issues raised in the letters had resolved themselves and no longer required his attention. (more here)


contretemps [ kahn-truh-tahn ] - noun
an inconvenient or embarrassing occurrence or situation
He caused a minor contretemps by knocking over his drink.


Q: When was the first iPod released?
A: (see below next section)

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