🕵️‍♀️ Boss spying 🧠 "Night owl" brains 👨‍🍳 Grill hack

🕵️‍♀️ Boss spying 🧠 "Night owl" brains 👨‍🍳 Grill hack

This Monday, the general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (Uncle Sam's top worker lawyer) urged regulators to disallow companies' use of productivity software in ways that might stifle employees' unionization.
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November 11, 2022
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Sometimes you come across a piece of news you just have to share. This Wednesday, McDonald's announced it had developed a grease-proof chair for gamers.

The chair is called McCrispy and comes equipped with stain-proof leather, a fry holster, a "hot box" to keep burgers warm, and several other nobody-asked-for-this doodads.

All I can say is...what a time to be alive.

Just when you thought 2022 couldn't get any weirder, the Golden Arches steals the show.

Check out the McCrispy here.

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Your boss is reading your texts

image: reader's digest

This Monday, the general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (Uncle Sam's top worker lawyer) urged regulators to disallow companies' use of productivity software in ways that might stifle employees' unionization.

Why? In short, the proliferation of "bossware" is getting out of hand.

About 60% of large employers now use computer-monitoring tools today, which is roughly double what the figure was before you started working in pajamas from your kitchen.

These tools screenshot the websites you visit, record your face and voice, log your keystrokes, track your locations, and monitor your calls and text messages.

It's already illegal for employers to surveil worker communication on working conditions. And yet, America's largest corporations seemingly never "got the memo." Amazon uses heat maps to identify employee groups likely to unionize and Google automatically alerts managers to any meeting with more than 100 employees, for instance.

"Close, constant surveillance and management through electronic means threaten employees' basic ability to exercise their rights," Jennifer Abruzzo warns in the memo.

Other officials share Abruzzo's concern. Rep. Robert Scott, a Democrat from Virginia and the chairman of the House Education and Labor committee, recently asked the Biden administration to investigate employers' use of monitoring software for at-home workers.

Bottom line: employee monitoring efforts will continue to rapidly grow unless regulators step in. For now, maybe continue suppressing your urge to email that meme you made about your boss to Greg in accounting.


Teen brains, space sex, blood breakthrough...

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Teen Brains

A new study found "night owl" teens who stay up late have fundamentally different brain structures than "morning larks." They're also at higher risk of delayed brain development.

Space Sex

Chinese scientists will send monkeys to its new space station for mating and reproduction experiments. Implications for mammals' ability to reproduce beyond Earth are huge!

Consumer Psych

A UK study found when a food label displays the quantity of physical activity needed to burn off the product's calories, consumers don't care - no change in calories purchased!


Scientists discovered how we process words we hear so rapidly and accurately. Turns out, the brain time-stamps each sounds based on time passed since it entered the ear.

Blood Breakthrough

For the first time ever, scientists have injected lab-grown blood into humans. This major breakthrough could end scarcity of rare blood types (like "Bombay" blood).


Dirty grill? Grab a lemon!

image: popsugar

Summer's long gone, but I'm still grilling up a storm. What's that? You are too? But you hate dealing with grease buildup on your grill grate? Fantastic - I have a killer cleaning hack for you.

1) Pour salt on a plate. 2) Grab a lemon, a fork, and the plate and set them down on your grill shelf. 3) Heat the grill to a high temp. 4) Slice the lemon in half, stick the fork in the peel-side, and press the juicy side into salt. 4) Rub down your grate with the lemon!

Watch this "grill master" crush the hack.

The lemon contains citric acid that cuts through the grease and sterilizes. The salt adds abrasiveness that dislodges "gunk." The fork...is a fork.

  1. You can buy cheese that's aged ten years but expires after a week in the fridge.
  2. Teslas should really have a solar panel roof.
  3. Audiobooks are the inverse of subtitles.
  4. The least valuable thing in your pockets is probably your wallet.
  5. In the winter, trees take off their clothes while humans put on more clothes.

Amy Tan: “If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.”

Today I learned that newborn babies shouldn’t drink plain water because it can lead to brain swelling. (more here)

lapidary [ lap-i-der-ee ] - noun
a worker who cuts, polishes, and engraves precious stones.
Most diamonds go from a miner to a lapidary to an international buyer.

Q: How many colors are there in the rainbow?
A: (see below next section)

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