😎 Metaverse = meta-worse 🍼 Plastic breast milk 🍹 Chill hack

😎 Metaverse = meta-worse 🍼 Plastic breast milk 🍹 Chill hack

This week, Meta (Facebook) unveiled its latest virtual reality headset called Meta Quest Pro. It has a beefy $1,500 price tag and a not-beefy battery life of 1-2 hours.

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October 14, 2022
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Apocalypse, Armageddon, Doomsday. You've likely used these end-of-days terms. They are all rooted in religion (Christianity) and used interchangeably, but they're different!

Apocalypse: "destruction of the world as described in the biblical book of Revelation."

Armageddon: "the last battle between good and evil before the Final Day of Judgment."

Doomsday: "the last day of the world's existence; the Final Day of Judgment"

Thus, Apocalypse is an ongoing end-of-days, Doomsday is a final end-of-days, and Armageddon isn't really even an end-of-days. It's a battle. So...now you know!

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Metamates aren't into the metaverse

image: forbes

This week, Meta (Facebook) unveiled its latest virtual reality headset called Meta Quest Pro. It has a beefy $1,500 price tag and a not-beefy battery life of 1-2 hours.

Like the Meta headsets before it, the Quest Pro will offer users a way to socialize, work, and play in the company’s flagship VR social space called Horizon Worlds.

CEO Mark Zuckerburg thinks the metaverse is the future of not just Meta, but the internet itself. Here's what's awkward, though: his own employees disagree.

Leaked info reveals Meta employees (metamates) are uninterested in the platform and confused by Zuck’s vision. To combat disinterest, execs now hold weekly meetings in the metaverse and monitor employees’ gameplay to ensure they're logging meta-hours.

Metamates aren’t the only disillusioned ones. A senior Meta advisor said the billions spent on this project made him “sick to his stomach.” Early users complain that Horizon Worlds is buggy and looks like an archaic version of the Sims (the avatars don’t have legs). And the former head of the metaverse division resigned in August. Not great.

Bottom line: the metaverse is meta-worse than reality, according to the folks building it.


Microplastic milk, stolen pigs, self-tickling...

image: news medical

For the 1st time, scientists found microplastics in human breast milk. Health implications are unclear, but researchers are not in favor of dissuading moms from breastfeeding.

Fighting Infection

A new study revealed a cluster of neurons that control "sickness behaviors" essential to our survival. These neurons cause us eat/drink/move less when we fight infections.

Animal Rights

Animal rights activists arrested in 2017 for stealing pigs from a Utah factory farm were unexpectedly acquitted. The ruling establishes a "right to rescue" distressed animals.


Neuroscientists now believe people’s inability to tickle themselves is due to the human brain sending out a body-wide signal to reduce sensitivity when we touch our own skin.

Shower Inspo

Why do brilliant thoughts hit us in the shower? Researchers believe mildly engaging (vs utterly boring or super engaging) environments like a shower maximize creativity.


Chill your drink in record time

image: reddit

There's nothing worse than having to drink a warm beverage that should be consumed cold. Nothing. Let's say you just got back from the grocery store and you're craving the trendy kombucha you bought there, which is now warm from sitting in the car.

What do you do? Refrigerating it will take too long and adding ice will water it down. There's a third option that'll have you chugging freezing-cold booch within 15 minutes...

1) Wet a paper towel with water, wrap it around your bottled drink, and place the drink in the freezer. 2) Set an alarm for 15 minutes - 10 if you're desperate. Don't leave it longer or it might explode! 3) Remove your chilled drink and start guzzling.

Disclaimer: you will be ridiculed by your significant other if and when you do this.

  1. George Washington never knew dinosaurs existed.
  2. The farthest away things you’ll ever see are stars.
  3. You wouldn’t know if you’ve ever had an original thought.
  4. Schools punish you for skipping school by making you miss more school.
  5. The way we treat moths vs butterflies is the prime example of pretty privileges.

Alan Watts: “You’re under no obligation to be the person you were 5 minutes ago.”

Today I learned that when astronaut Scott Kelly came back to Earth after living for a year in space, he was two inches taller than his identical twin brother. (more here)

absquatulate [ uhb-skwa-chuh-layt ] - verb
to leave somewhere abruptly
Before the thief could absquatulate, he was surrounded by police.

Q: Which president was a licensed bartender?
A: (see below next section)

image: twitter

TRIVIA ANSWER: Abraham Lincoln.

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