Why Eat IQ BARs?

Brain nutrients for performance

IQ BARs contain six functional nutrients shown to support brain function.

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High-Fat, Low-Carb for Smooth Energy

IQ BARs support sustained, fat-based energy and have just 4g net carbs.

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Keto, Paleo, Vegan for Clean Eating

IQ BAR ingredients comply with virtually every diet under the sun.

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Plant Protein for Neurotransmitters

IQ BARs contain six grams of plant protein to help build key “messenger chemicals”.

High in Fiber for a Satisfying Fullness

IQ BAR fiber content means just one bar will keep hunger at bay for hours.


Option for Natural Caffeine or None

Blueberry Lemon Sunflower is caffeine-free; other flavors have a cup of tea’s worth.

What are people saying?

I really loved the Matcha Chai Hazelnut Bar! I really felt like my blood sugar and concentration were more stable throughout the day after eating the bar for breakfast, which I’ve never experienced with any other food/drink I’ve consumed.
Jamie H. from Boston, MA
Flavor: Matcha Chai Hazelnut
The Blueberry Lemon is my favorite! I love how they have a vegan source of Omega-3s, which is where my personal diet falls short sometimes. Overall great first impressions and look forward to seeing what's next for this company!
Samantha M. from Hillsboro, OR
Flavor: Blueberry Lemon Sunflower
I LOVED the Cacao Almond Sea Salt bars I received in the mail. They were deliciously chocolatey and kept me full all day!
Lauren S. from Chicago, IL
Flavor: Cacao Almond Sea Salt
Right from opening the package, the Blueberry Lemon Sunflower smells strongly and delicious. The taste is like a wonderful lemon poppyseed muffin only better because there is blueberry in it.
Lisa N. from Seattle, WA
Flavor: Blueberry Lemon Sunflower
I feel like I could eat one of these every day. Not too sweet, and a really nice salty finish. Great job!
Brad R. from San Francisco, CA
Flavor: Cacao Almond Sea Salt
I'm a huge fan of Matcha and these didn't disappoint :) These guys also nailed it on the chai, which blends in really nicely.
Rick P. from Phoenix, AZ
Flavor: Matcha Chai Hazelnut

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